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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

[S1E11] Wizard School Part1

The boys go through many more levels and gain more powers until they are only missing the final star. Finn is eager to get the last star, but Jake is content without it. He implies the best spell is sleep and uses it on himself. Finn then decides to get the final star by himself. Bufo says the last power is not free and that he must do the "Pledge of Ultimate Responsibility" to get it. Finn quickly agrees, but Bufo tries to caution him that he should not take it. But Finn still wants to take the pledge. Bufo finally gives up on warning him and tells him to grasp his hand. Finn does so, then blacks out in a flash of light. When he wakes up, he realizes he is being pulled upward by ropes and realizes he has his big star. He is in place in front of an orb along with the Old Wizards. Bufo then says that Finn has to use his magic to push a meteor away from the wizard school that has been approaching it for 847 years, asking Finn to add his powers to the orb. Then he dismisses Jeremy, the oldest of the three Old Wizards, whose place Finn will take for the rest of his life before leaving. Finn then gets an idea so that the wizards will not have to be stuck like this for the rest of their lives. He jumps down from the ropes and runs outside, where Bufo is getting ready to put Jeremy in his grave. He tells Finn he is crazy, and Finn then casts the sleep spell on Bufo. Then he casts all his magic to stop the meteor. He tries to move the village out of the way of the meteor with his magic, but he cannot quite move it.

[S1E11] Wizard School Part1

At the first glance, The Magic Flute appears to be your regular, run-of-the-mill YA fantasy movie: a young boy with a distinctive scarf goes to a faraway school, where he discovers a magical land filled with snakes, princesses, and yes, a magic flute. The words "Harry" and "Potter" are never uttered, but the movie doesn't hide its similarities with a certain bespectacled boy wizard. 041b061a72


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