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Trigun Episode 8

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Trigun Episode 8

The original anime first aired back in 1998, with Studio Madhouse animating a total of 26 episodes. It was well-received by Western audiences, some even considering it one of the top 50 anime released in North America during its time. Trigun then briefly returned in the form of a movie titled Trigun: Badlands Rumble in 2010. Ever since its last outing, Trigun Stampede looks to make a memorable comeback for the series.

Warning: Spoilers for Trigun Stampede, Episode 8After revealing Vash's status as a plant at the end of the last episode, Trigun Stampede takes a step into the past to look at Vash's background since the crash, and it's taken some wild turns away from both the original manga and anime.

The entirety of episode 8 revolves around a young Vash escaping the wreckage of Ship Five of the SEEDS fleet, which Knives had brought crashing down onto the planet. Vash is found as one of the few survivors by those aboard a ship that managed to survive, and while they mistrust him initially, they take him in, and he lives with them for years. When his connection to Knives is found in Trigun Stampede, and they learn that Knives didn't die, Vash runs off and nearly dies. He awakens back aboard the ship with a new arm and discovers that Knives has once again killed everyone close to him.

The new backstory clearly borrows from both previous series, but it also diverges in a major way. Here, Vash flees from Knives as soon as the ship crashes, and the two don't see each other for years. Vash spends time with the survivors and gets to know them, and they are largely original characters not present in the other versions. He is able to earn their trust by communicating with the Plants for them, establishing the ability he was seen using at the end of the previous episode. It also establishes the pattern that would come to dominate Vash's life: he meets people, gets to know and like them, and they're then killed by Knives for the crime of associating with Vash. While the guns have not factored into the backstory yet (they appear to be in the next episode), the red coat did appear as a gift given by the ship's captain.

This reshuffling of Vash's backstory may have something to do with Trigun Stampede's seemingly earlier setting chronologically; if Meryl has run into Vash at a younger point in their lives, then there are certain backstory events that may not yet have taken place. The end of Trigun Stampede's first season seems to be setting up for an epic confrontation between the two, and with just a few episodes left, it'll all come to a head soon enough.

So, in terms of the shift I mentioned last time, one is that from this point forward the girls are more or less on board with Vash, having pretty much accepted who he is. (Here also, Madhouse gets the chance to work on a connected storyline that spans more than one episode.)

The recently-dropped episode surprised many by exploring who Rei is and how he ended up with Kazuki in a two-person assassin gig. Emotions were running high by the time the episode drew to a close, following which, several netizens took to Twitter to share their reactions:

However, it was later revealed that it was more of an obligation. The episode baffled fans with a confounding plothole by not disclosing why Kazuki ran off. It also didn't divulge more information about the oath he took before his father.

A brand new Trigun series is just around the corner, and we have all the details you need to know for the premiere! TRIGUN STAMPEDE will launch its first episode on January 7 at 8:30 a.m. PT right here on Crunchyroll. Read on for more about the series!

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At first look itself, a viewer can distinguish the style of Trigun (the 90s) and Trigun Stampede. They made it clear with episode 1 that they will be using modern art for the new gen viewers. The opening of the episode was the best to avoid viewers getting confused and worked up on understanding the story. 59ce067264


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