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Wrong Turn 2 Dead End 2007 In Hi


Wrong Turn 2 Dead End 2007 In Hi

I went to Maui, HI, in May 2007. Hawaii was partially enjoyable. I did finally (on my fifth try over the last several years) manage to snorkel thanks to someone actually taking the time to explain how to do it rather than handing me a mask and fins and saying "have fun". I tried surfing as well but I definitely would not say I'm able to surf. The Road to Hana has about 600 tight curves and 54 one lane bridges and was actually enjoyable driving until the tire blew while I was moving over to the side to allow someone to pass and I had to change it on a 1.5 lane road. That kind of killed the mood but luckily it was almost time to turn around anyway. About the only totally successful part of the trip was the ride down Haleakala on a bicycle although most of the time was spent riding the brakes that weren't functioning very well. I was in the rear of the procession wearing the bright yellow "Hit Me!" jacket. Most of the trip was spent with a cold I picked up after the first snorkeling trip and lasted over a week. The cold and constant nose blowing might have negatively affected my impressions of Hawaii. There were two beaches I wanted to visit in Hawaii and I did get to both. I spent about 20 minutes at one after driving to Hana and I finally made it to the beach that was my main reason for picking the hotel where I did on the last day of the trip, but it was overcast, so I only spent about 3 hours there.

Thanks for sharing it. Your situation sounds a lot like what I went through on Chicoma Mountain in 2007. What should have been an easy hike turned into an all-nighter because I got panicky and amped on adrenaline.I've been on both sides: as a member of SAR and as someone needing their assistance. We empathize with those who called us out, but until you have been truly lost yourself, it's difficult to convey what it feels like to be lost, not just off-route.I learned never to be complacent. It can happen to experienced individuals too. 153554b96e


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