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Steyr T84 Reparaturhandbuch.pdf 2021

Steyr T84 Reparaturhandbuch.pdf >>>

Abstract:This paper investigates and reports the performance of a real-time sea ice concentration (SIC) estimator from the surface visible/infrared reflectance (SIR) taken from a downward-looking IKONOS-2 satellite in the research cruises that took place over the Arctic Ocean in 2009-2011. The challenge is to produce SIC estimates quickly, to point in time, on a regular basis, and in near real-time. Traditional simple, time-domain-based approaches for SIC estimation and crude techniques based on vegetation indices are also investigated with the same data set. Results show that by November the ensembles of the proposed SIC estimator do not rely on lead/lag information, which enables near real-time estimation with a relatively low computational cost. The mean squared error and temporal correlation indicate that the proposed SIC estimator performs well compared to previous traditional and crude methods.

Abstract:A simultaneous sunny and cloudy weather condition is usually encountered in the tropics, especially during the monsoon season and at the time of the maximum solar energy. In such a situation, the solar radiation measured at the receiver remains constant over time, and it can be estimated by a scanning radiometer.

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