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For example, a flight simulator might be used for training, even by those who are not pilots. Aircraft simulators are expensive, particularly for the military, and it would be prohibitively expensive (or in some cases dangerous) to send a pilot into the real aircraft for training. Perhaps a limited number of people have access to a simulator, and they are the pilots.

The simulators are also used to train personnel for likely medical emergencies, such as accidents. A tactile representation of the human body is common and is acceptable when it is more realistic than a picture. This, combined with the fact that the trainees may be available for rescue in most cases, makes the simulator an attractive option. (However, there are still hazards in the real world, and even if the simulator is safe, there may still be risks of injury.)

During training, the simulated training environment may look realistic enough that the trainee's eyes and brain are tricked into assuming that certain lifelike characteristics of the simulated system are real.[92] The trainee may be relying on, and believe that they are controlling, a system that they do not properly understand or have enough experience with to think about its limitations. The trainee may not be accurately decoding the feedback available regarding the system's actual state, and may therefore be changing the system in ways that harm the systems performance.

A flight simulator is commonly used to practice critical flight maneuvers such as emergency landings, although the physical safety aspects of the simulator are usually limited to that of an airplane. Flight simulators are also used to familiarize graduating pilots with the controls and instruments of a particular aircraft type.

Simulation provides practice and training under conditions that are particularly safe because true hazards are not present. This may mean a lot of things, but generally means that the hazard you are training toward is theoretically achievable, and therefore, that there won't be any critical injuries. It may also mean that the trainees have other systems available for rescue, such as a safety harness, if a worst-case scenario occurred. d2c66b5586


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