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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

Cute Amateur Couples

Anyhow, after doing lists about the best new pornstars and such, it is time for the very similar but different (go figure) list, gentlemen, allow to me reveal our favorite, amateur shows and porn stars of 2021 and 2022.

cute amateur couples


As the years went by, we added more girls who would still be considered amateurs in 2023. Other top 10s appear to list now what we consider professionals. They might have been inexperienced 5 years ago, but for the up-to-date list, RedBled is your solution.

Bit unexpected but here we go. A redhead and a good looking one? Someone should call the FBI as she is clearly from outer space. In all seriousness, we believe we just made our best amateur list even better as it now covers it all.

One of the worst and best things about amateur actresses is that it is hard to find many hot videos out there. Fortunately, Luna did shoot with Mofos and a few other brands. Her tits are out of this world and the perky nipples add to the already perfect look. Unfortunately, I would not be able to fuck her in any shape or form since I have already ejaculated twice just by filling the word document with text about her.

Jesus Christ almighty. We love amateur anal videos and Cherry loves to get her cherry popped. So this is like the best a man can get, right? Minus the razors (implying a well-known commercial). Just look at her asshole and how she moves, it is as amateur as you can get, and it is fucking hot.

Facials and amateurs, name a funnier duo. Unfortunately, some are allergic to the cum and give hilarious and repulsive reactions. Now, watch Leah (on the right). She seems to love that shit and tries to get every single drop of the cum like a StarCraft worker tries to gather all the minerals.

Pulling serious numbers in views and likes, the sexiest amateur you will find in 2023, hell, even 2024, is Luxury Girl. Yes, we are that confident! No other slut will beat her, at least in the next 12 months.

Regarding public amateur porn, Lucy is one of our favorites. This girl has no shame and can be fucked pretty much anywhere. Shipping malls, beaches, streets, behind the dumpster, you name it and she will deliver. Having a hot blonde look gives her a lot of extra points too. A true gem if you are into public sex and inexperienced sluts.

The best thing about Ivy is that she is naturally good-looking and can still pull off the amateur pornstar look without looking like a professional whore. Her is one of the best of all pussies I have seen. Plenty of skin, great tightness, and wetness. The ass crack is also interesting; although believe me, when I say that we have already searched for her anal videos, there were no results.

Some amateurs look like shit, with bland or no make-up, which is fine in some scenarios. However, for quality porn this needs to be fixed, and here is an example with Michelle Taylor to prove our point. It looks like a true pornstar albeit new. She needs to keep on going! We see plenty of potential and can guarantee that Michelle will be one of the top pornstars in the next 5 years. 041b061a72


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