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Jsgme Link ~REPACK~

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Jsgme Link

Given that many of the links to mods scattered throughout the Forums got broken during the transition to the new Forum platform and it may take a while for people to realize that and get their links updated in all the various posts, I thought I would go ahead and post here some working links to my copies of my favorite mods. At least, I'm starting with my favorite ones because those are the ones that I happen to have working links for. I may add more to this post as time goes by. BTW, the RoFMods web site had some links to some other mods but that site is no longer working (at least for now).

While this is WIP the Mods may be listed in no particular order - I'll probably re-arrange the organization of them once I get some of the links posted, so bear with me. Despite the presence of older version numbers in some of the names, I've tested most if not all these with 1.037 and they seem to be working. Let me know if you detect any problems.

First post updated with links to some of SYN_Vander's mods used with PWCG that somehow had gotten left off the list - thanks to FalkeEins (and Space_Ghost on BoS forums) for letting me know they were missing from my list.

I didn't realize you were talking about the link in my first post above (which I have now deleted) - I thought you were talking about the link in the original RofMods thread, which I have modified to make clear that the site is not working at this point.

What is a safe site for downloading JSGME? I've tried various sites, but I'd have to sign up or there was no download link available. Also, I have some skin mods installed already, should I do a fresh re-install of RoF before I start using JSGME for any further mods?

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Not sure why the file got messed up by MediaFire (it wasn't just the link that was broken - I tried copying the file to another location on MediaFire and that link didn't work either). I've uploaded another copy of the Mod and updated the new link in the first post, so try again and it should work this time.

Thanks for letting me know - not sure how Mediafire screwed things up but the files are still there and the links I've updated now seem to work just fine (I've only gotten to the first few so far - will take a while to get all the others replaced with working ones).

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