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Asuras Wrath Pc Torrent 77

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Asuras Wrath Pc Torrent 77

Asura/@0xdeadc0de makes it to the Guardian Generals' mecha and enters it. When he sees this, he yells and laughs, "So you built a mobile fortress This is unexpected. Stay out of the way, and I'll make this very short and easy." Instead, he then transforms into his Six Armed Vajra form, which is now huge enough to carry the entire Guardian General's mobile fortress. It reaches a point where it can carry the entire rest of the planet as well.

Six Armed Vajra Moraita: Asura's Six Armed Vajra form reached a point where it can be all black or all orange, the difference being the presence of orange glow on the bottom of Asura's legs. Asura's wrath emits a dangerously dark red aura that covers not only himself, but a large degree of space surrounding him as well. The appearance of his new form has fully regenerated his powers and appearance at the cost of the majority of his strength. He constantly screams with rage and laughs as he drags the Guardian General's mecha atop him/her. He then opens the doors of the mecha and takes out the Guardian General occupying the mecha.

Asura's Six Armed Vajra form emits red energy blasts as powerful as his "Mantra blasts"; however, the rate at which he can actually generate those blasts varies. He also blasts colossally high energy beams from his mouth. However, when he meets his former allies, they return their attacks against Asura, even his former allies Gongen Wyzen and his Mawile Guwange, since they don't want to see Asura being destroyed this fate is so much more their loss than his. This affects his powers so much that he is unable to fully regenerate any of his powers, and cannot transform without using his wrath. As Asura, he faces his former allies, and unleashes a barrage of his final fireball as his all red flare creates the aura, which causes all the Guardian Generals to explode. d2c66b5586


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