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Al Stohlman Leather Working Books Collection

Al Stohlman Leather Working Books Collection >>

Al Stohlman Leather Working Books Collection

Al Stohlman was born in Olive, California. While young, he loved to draw and spend his spare time sketching animals of the Pacific Northwest. He hoped to one day become an illustrator of western books and magazines, like authors Zane Grey and Bret Harte.[1] In 1939, Stohlman joined the 46th Engineer Regiment of the Army during World War II. There, he used his artistic interest to create sketches of his activities in the South Pacific. While serving in New Guinea, he saw locals creating decorative designs in leather and became curious about exploring the art. He and a few friends used pocket knives to carve the leather and created rudimentary tools out of nails shaped into various forms.[3] They also used India ink to detail their work.[4]

His leather carving and stamping skills got him a job working for the SchaffLeather Company with Guy Lauderbach. Stohlman initially learned to make functional leather items beginning with suitcases and other simple projects until Lauderbach eventually taught him how to build and design saddles.[5] In 1952, Stohlman created a leather carving of a palomino wearing an ornate wooden saddle that attracted the attention of Dick McGahen, owner of the Craftool Company. McGahan hired Stohlman to design leatherworking tools and to write publications, earning national attention with his first book, "How To Carve Leather".[4] Working for Craftool Co. brought Stohlman to Los Angeles where he lived for 2 years before becoming a freelance artist and moving to a private ranch Hemet, California.[6]

In the Spring of 1963, Ann was fishing trip in the Big Creek Lodge when she attended a leatherworking demonstration Al Stohlman was performing at the property. The two corresponded by mail and were married on August 20, 1963, in Tijuana, Mexico.[7] Ann began learning the art of leatherwork by assisting her husband.[4] Within 3 years, she learned the trade and was making saddles herself. Ann became quite an accomplished leatherworker, collaborating on many of Al's books and having her work featured in a number of publications.[1] In 1969, The Stohlmans moved from their property in Hemet, California to a 200-acre ranch in Cache Creek, British Columbia. Just as Al had taught Ann leathercraft, she taught him how to hunt and live off of the land, as she had in her youth.[7]

The Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft honors the accomplishments of individual leather workers worldwide for their continued dedication and exemplary service to leathercraft. The criteria for nominations are someone who has demonstrated continued devotion to the advancement of leathercraft, following the example of Al Stohlman, who is most well-known for publishing over 40 books, creating numerous pattern packs, and innovating many new tools for leatherworking.

This set of three incredibly detailed and beautifully illustrated books by Al Stohlman, covers a multitude of leathercraft projects for making cases and bags out of leather. Paperbacks, each with approx 120 pages, including templates.

Covering projects from small camera cases, knife sheaths, washbags (Dopp kits) to guitar and rifle/shotgun cases these books are a collectible editions that are full of the wealth of knowledge that Al Stohlman accumulated over many years of dedication to leathercraft.

Al Stohlman's Leathercraft Tools is a complete guide to helps you with the proper selection, use and care of tools. Contains usage and sharpening tips for knives, punches, chisels, edgers and many other leathercraft tools. 97 pages full of illustrations. This is a must have for anyone working with leather.

A collection of projects and designs for carving techniques. In the introduction, the author gives indications how to prepare the leather for the incision and how to transfer, through some models, the design that will be realized on just treated leather. Every project has a small description on how to create, step-by-step, the incisions on the leather. For the first time an interesting guide comes closer to the carving world.

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