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Bleeding, Sunfire tries to warn Diana that the dragon has gone berserk, but as her Batman-esque patrolling force looms the predator, the goddess dives into the beast's mind and is brutally faced by Lord's consciousness. She ventures into the realm of madness, where the undead sway hands around the dragon's head and the undead horse defends him as the undead shield Lord himself. Even his dragon doubles and triples its numbers. The gods become aware of the attack on Lord. Supergirl is able to reach out to Superman, and together they confront the Lorddragon and start to devour it. In the conflict Mercury tries to urge Superman to stop, and Batwoman and Hawkgirl try to devise a plan to save Lord. Wonder Woman admonishes Superman for leaving her, but was unable to save Lord, who she had attempted to save at the end of the issue, but came too late. In a final act of defiance, Lord attempts to enslave the rest of the gods by forcing them to either kiss his foot or perish, but Superman and Wonder Woman arrive just in time. The now-flying dragon is too weak to resist their combined strength, and it drags its master to the ground. As Lord begs for mercy, the Bronze Age Superman removes his helmet, allowing Lord to recognize him, but he reminds the former mortal that in The New 52, he killed him. In response Lord smiles, revealing that what he had was a Joker-like fungus. Wonder Woman then heals the two Kryptonians, Lord apologizes for the commotion, and the two Kryptonians return to Earth.

Eons earlier, during the Age of the Olympians, the Greek goddess Nike was a mortal girl named Ganymede. While on a cleansing mission, she was attacked by a monster and she chose to use her godlike powers to protect mankind. In gratitude, the people honored Ganymede as the first new Greek god. Her parents were both Titans (a race of gods to which Superman belongs.) Her mother even appeared in the Justice League cartoon.

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