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Santiago Nguyen
Santiago Nguyen

Queensryche - 1986 - Rage For Order (remastered).rar

@Aggelos:All I've got is a variable bitrate version of the original, not a 320 K of the remastered release.If anyone wants it:Benjamin Orr - The Lace (1986) / vbr (not my rip) _Orr_-_The_Lace_(1986).rar.htmlAnd here's an upgrade for that other title:Max Bacon - The Higher You Climb (1995) / 320 K (not my rip) _Bacon_-_The_Higher_You_Climb_(1995).rar.html

Queensryche - 1986 - rage for order (remastered).rar

@ Monkey :Mark Spiro - Demos / 192K Mark Spiro - In Stereo (1986) / 192K -Spiro-In-Stereo.rar.htmlMark Spiro - In Stereo (Single/Radio Version) / 192K Mark Spiro - One For You, One For Me (extended dance version) / vbr _Spiro_-_One_For_You_One_F.html


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