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Play with the unit notes with your students! There are manymore crossword polymer units notes that can be used in a varietyof settings - if you teach biology, chemistry, or anything else thathas to do with polymer science. Aquick reference for anyone interested in learningabout polymers. Chapter 4 - Learning more aboutthe world of polymers! Chapter5 - Learning Moreabout the world of polymers! Learning Moreabout the world of Polymers!Chapter 5 - LearningMore About the World ofPolymers!

Play with Polymers Crossword Puzzle (pdf) - A wordsearch puzzle that includes words from the Polymer Unit as well as 8 extrawords. Polymer BasicsInternet Scavenger Hunt (pdf) - Uses sites on the Chemistrylinks page of the Kid Zone.

The time has come for the monthly status check on the performance of the now largely anachronistic hedge fund industry: a 2 and 20 anachronism (whose every phone call is monitored by the FBI nowadays, thanks Stevie Cohen) because in Bernanke's centrally-planned world, risk is verboten, as are any selloffs, and if indeed one does come and the Fed has no "tools" left to counteract it, no amount of hedges will protect an investing community that has now largely eliminated any short positions on their books. So without further ado, here are the best and worst performing hedge funds of 2013. d2c66b5586


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