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Arriving inside the facility, Fury and Vers were told to wait in a locked room. While they waited for security to give them clearance inside, however, an impatient Fury used a piece of tape and placed it on his badge to take the fingerprint of an official with security clearance who had touched his badge, to give them access to the building. As Vers headed to the file room, Fury secretly contacted S.H.I.E.L.D. and alerted 'Keller' of Vers' location inside the facility through his pager, dismissing the contact as him simply trying to contact his mother.

Coulson recommended the project be shut down; however, Fury had secretly decided to continue with the project.[24] Fury later learned that Stark's drunken behavior resulted in James Rhodes making the decision that in his current state, Stark should simply not use his own technology, as he proceeded to take possession of the Mark II Armor and hand it over the United States Air Force. At the same time, Fury was also informed by Coulson about the Wormhole that had appearing on the planet along with a mysterious object that was coded as an 0-8-4, so Fury issued an order to deal with the situation.[4]

Fury began listing off everything that Stark had recently done which alarmed them, including making Pepper Potts the CEO of his company, selling his possessions and allowing Rhodes to fly off in one of his Iron Man Armors, although Stark claimed that Rhodes had stolen it, which Fury simply mocked him for. Stark then questioned what Fury wanted, which annoyed Fury even more as he told Stark that he had bigger issues to deal with around the world.

Having discussed what Loki had said with the Avengers, Fury later spoke to Thor, who had been discussing Asgard's wars on Earth with Phil Coulson and commenting on how Loki's fury at him had resulted in him sending the Destroyer to Puente Antiguo and nearly killing several innocent lives. Fury asked Thor if he felt he could learn what Loki's plans were with the Tesseract, but Thor simply remained uncertain, as he told Fury that Loki's mind has snapped and he now not only wanted power but vengeance on him and his family for the slights against him since learning of the truth about his past.

As Fury then attempted to defend his actions to Rogers by claiming that they had simply gathered everything they could on the Tesseract, he was interrupted by Stark who pulled up files proving that S.H.I.E.L.D. was indeed copying the HYDRA's designs in order to make Tesseract-powered weapons, which greatly angered Rogers. As they were joined by Romanoff and Thor Banner was asked to leave the room since they now believed that he could be getting manipulated by Loki, only for Banner to then demand to know what S.H.I.E.L.D.'s real intentions with the Tesseract were.

When Stark insulted Fury's attempt to use a nuclear deterrent to end the crisis, Fury remained him of how Stark Industries had made their billions from selling their weapons. This led to an intense argument with Rogers and Stark then debating the standards of being heroes, as Thor questioned Fury over whether or not Humans were more advanced than this, to which Fury had simply noted how they had never gone to Asgard and caused destruction, unlike Loki. While Banner claimed that the Avengers were a time bomb, Fury became concerned and recommended Banner step out of this situation.

With their battle still raging, Maria Hill had approached Fury and then informed him that the World Security Council were demanding to speak with him. To his horror, Fury spoke to the Council who issued orders for Fury to send his nuclear missile directly into the vicinity of Manhattan in order to destroy Loki and his army, which Fury furiously refused to do, still stating that he would not just order the deaths of millions of innocent lives despite Gideon Malick's insistence that they would lose everything in this war if they did not fire upon the invading force, before Fury had simply hung up his call with the Council.

Now that the Avengers Initiative had ultimately succeeded, Fury's defiance of the World Security Council may not have been forgotten, but his methods and actions had saved the world. Fury then updated the Council members on the whereabouts of the Tesseract, which had been taken back to Asgard by Thor, despite Gideon Malick insisting that this was not Fury's decision to make, to which Fury simply claimed that he just had not argued with Thor.

Following Coulson's mission in Peru, Fury was furious at Coulson as the Bus was heavily damaged. He also warned him that Skye was a risk as she had previously been a member of the Rising Tide. As Fury left he told Coulson not to allow Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz to install their fish tank onto the plane.[31] Shortly after the Battle of Greenwich, Coulson and his team were investigating the discovery of a lost Asgardian artifact known as the Berserker Staff. Coulson wanted to consult with Thor, but Fury informed him that Thor had taken himself "off the grid".[32]

Afterward, Fury drove across Washington, D.C. and called Maria Hill, telling her to come to Washington to discuss his theories about Project Insight and gave her three hours to arrive, which she did not question. As Fury continued driving, he encountered two police officers who appeared to be watching him, so Fury insulted the pair, assuming that they were simply being racist and profiling him.

While Fury remained under the radar, Melinda May confronted Maria Hill to find out who led Project T.A.H.I.T.I., so Hill simply told her the cryptic answer that Fury had given her. May then suggested that Hill ask Fury herself, but Hill quickly said that Fury was still dead. May, doubting this, replied that she would believe that when she saw it herself. Later, May realized what Fury meant by his riddle and went out to recover the video hidden inside of Coulson's grave.[23]

Fury received information from S.H.I.E.L.D. about where Hulk and the Quinjet may have crashed.[39] Fury later arrived at the Avengers Compound in upstate New York and told Natasha Romanoff the last known location of the Avengers Quinjet, which Hulk had taken at the end of the battle. He suggested that Banner had likely escaped and gone to live in peace. Romanoff asked Fury if he had known she and Banner would get feelings for each other; Fury answered that he had simply hoped for the best and had gotten a great team for them to use.[10]

Before Fury could then order Hill to notify Cameron Klein where they would meet, a car spiraled out of control right in front of them and crashed, blocking their route. When Hill stepped out of Fury's car to check whether the occupants were injured, she simply noted nobody was in it, unaware that it was due to the Snap. The duo began to notice civilians disappearing and a helicopter colliding into a nearby building.

Bernadette had no dreams of her own. She can admit that now. Her big plan was to maybe be a hairdresser. Six decades after that dance, most of her siblings live near the house where they grew up. One lives on the same road. Her parents took her out of school at 14 and sent her away for three years to learn how to cook and sew. At 17 she started work in a clothes factory then a radio factory and finally in a store that sold hunting and fishing supplies. Jean-Pierre dreamed big enough for both of them. He wanted to be a professional football player. The first game she ever attended, she arrived late, just in time to see him come out of the locker room with his head bandaged; some opponent had shattered Jean-Pierre's cheekbone jockeying for a ball. An injury couldn't keep him out of the game, which left her in awe. He loved football and she loved him like she'd never loved anything before.

This photo of Christopher McCandless was found in his undeveloped camera, having ventured into the Alaskan wilderness in solitude. He died of starvation in August 1992, after he had set out along an old mining road known as the Stampede Trail with minimal supplies, hoping to live simply off the land. His story would later be told in the book and then movie, Into the Wild. (Source:

After his first Super Bowl win with the Los Angeles Rams, quarterback Matthew Stafford is officially on the NFL A-List, with devoted fans in California of course, among Detroiters who consider him their own after he spent 12 years on the Detroit Lions (not to mention, millions of other football fans across the country who simply admire a top tier athlete). That said, there is some behavior guaranteed to lose you popular support, even if you've just won your very first Super Bowl. Unfortunately, a video taken during the post-Super Bowl festivities shows Stafford exhibiting just that kind of behavior. And it's going viral. 153554b96e


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