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Buy Ktm [2021]

KTM World is a full service KTM motorcycle dealer located in the scenic northwest Georgia mountains at Highland Park Resort, a premier off road motorcycle riding park. We are open 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week. You can buy or finance and pick up your new KTM any day of the week.

buy ktm

NEW 2023 KTM's are here now. Inventory changes almost daily, but we have over 150 KTM's in stock. Please call to get a low quote, KTM will not let us advertise our low prices, and remember - we don't add all those extra fees! The price quote you get over the phone is the out the door price, no hidden fees or costs. Our out the door KTM prices are typically $1000 (or more) less than other dealers.

PRE-OWNED MOTORCYCLES2021 KTM 300XCW Erzberg Edition - great condition, 74 hours! $9,0932020 KTM 300XC - nice shape owned by older gentleman 129 hours $7,7712019 KTM 350SX-F - Great shape 49.7 hours $7,0932021 Kawasaki KX450XC - In very good condition, no hour meter $6,8932019 YZ250FX -In good condition, runs great, no hour meter $6,993

We take trades, sell bikes on consignment, or will buy your used bike. Call for info or to check on current bike inventory because it changes faster than we can post it here! WE BUY GOOD USED KTM's!

We stock KTM motorcycles and go far beyond what other dealers do when we set up your new KTM. We know KTM's better than anyone else, so we know which bolts need locktite, which bikes need some jetting to run perfectly, and we take care of all that before you pick up your bike. Even handlebar position and lever positions are set. We do all this and more at no additional cost. When you pick up your new KTM at KTM World, we also set the spring sag while you are here and adjust suspension clickers to suit your height, weight, riding style, and current skill level. If you need extra suspension work to set the bike up for you, KTM World has a large and very well respected KTM suspension shop to take care of anything you need, including different springs, revalving, and lowering.

When you choose to buy a KTM from KTM World, you get a free day to ride here at Highland Park Resort, and we will assit you in making further adjustments to your bike to get it dialed in just right for YOU while you ride for the day. When you leave with your new KTM, you know it is working great and everything is just as you like it.

Please call us for a motorcycle quote (770-748-0771) . We have very low prices, usually $1000 - $2000 less than other dealers, and WE DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL FEES such as set up, dealer prep, doc fees, etc. We are open 7 days a week and glady give over the phone quotes or email quotes on KTM motorcycles. Your quote will be your total cost OUT THE DOOR, never any additional or hidden fees. When you get a quote from other dealers you have to be 100% sure their quote is the full out the door price, no other fees or surprises when you arrive.

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R was released in 2014. It was explosive in its entry to the Hyper Naked class and then in 2020 it received a major overhaul which again put it back to the top of the pile. It is widely agreed that the 2020 revision of the Super Duke R improved on what was already a solid foundation, making everything riders loved about the Super Duke even better.

We are going to take a look at the 1290 Super Duke R in detail from 2020 and see whether the overhaul really made the bike the best it could be; we are also going to look at the 2022 Evo version and see if it is worth opting for the new model or whether you should seriously consider opting for the 2020 version and saving yourself some dollar.

It was however smooth, sounded amazing and riders could make use of a broad RPM range in any gear, staying above 4,000 rpm is where you wanted to be though. KTM also threw a lot of electronic rider aids at the bike with ABS and Traction Control being the two most important and useful features.

No expense was spared to ensure that the new bike was the best of the best, and it certainly got a good reception, with praise heaped on the overall fit and finish. It was an insanely powerful street bike that was perfectly usable and not just a gimmick.

Since then very little has changed with the exception that for 2022 there is now a 1290 Super Duke R Evo, while the UK has kept both a base Super Duke R and the Evo; only the Evo model is available in the US for 2022.

So for 2020 KTM decided to essentially take apart the 1290 Super Duke R and review everything from the ground up, improving on an already winning combination of street rideability and performance. The result was impressive and certainly did the trick for renewing public interest in their flagship Hyper Naked bike.

Starting with the legendary engine, KTM went to work to make it lighter and smoother in its delivery and more usable than ever before. Although there were no major changes, the small revisions had a big impact, as with any performance bike the small details are the ones that make the world of difference.

Thinner engine casings, revised water/oil cooler mounts and engine/linkage mounts resulted in a 0.8kg weight reduction. The oil line was switched out for an aluminium oil line that decreased weight but also increased oil delivery efficiency and removed the need for a double wall system.

For 2020 the model received an all new frame that had three times the torsional rigidity of the predecessors. Alongside this the bike gained better tires, upgraded WP suspension, and a new aluminium and carbon subframe.

The absolute focus of revising the chassis was to increase agility and stiffness for overall improved stability; riders would also have an increased ability to adjust as necessary for the perfect riding position.

One of the most interesting and clever ways KTM achieved their goal of an improved frame was to use pipes with a larger outside diameter but which had thinner walls. This would aid strength without adding excess weight, in fact it saved 2kg over the previous model.

The new lighter subframe also reduced weight significantly and the additional items like the passenger seat, license plate holder, tail lights etc. bolted directly to the subframe with no extra brackets or mounts needed.

An all new longer single sided swingarm was implemented and placed nearer the output sprocket, so the rider ultimately has more control when unleashing power. This arrangement also led to excellent anti-squat properties, the pivot point was also moved as a result which improved the overall geometry of the bike. 041b061a72


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