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DJ Sprinkles Where Dancefloors Stand Still (2013) High Quality

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Review: DJ Sprinkles Where Dancefloors Stand Still (2013)

DJ Sprinkles, also known as Terre Thaemlitz, is a veteran producer and DJ who has been exploring the deeper and more political aspects of house music since the early 90s. In 2013, he released a compilation album titled Where Dancefloors Stand Still, which was inspired by the Japanese club scene and its resistance to the so-called "fueiho" laws that restrict dancing after midnight.

The album features 14 tracks of classic and obscure deep house gems, selected and mixed by DJ Sprinkles with his trademark sensitivity and skill. The tracks range from the soulful vocals of Fingers Inc.'s "Never No More Lonely" to the hypnotic percussion of Keys & Tronics Ensemble's "Calypso of House (Paradise Version)". The album also includes some rare cuts, such as Braxton Holmes' "12 Inches of Pleasure (Ron's Foreplay)", which was co-produced by Ron Trent, and Lectroluv's "If We Try (Ambient Dub)", which was released on Eightball Records in 1992.

The album is not only a musical journey, but also a political statement. DJ Sprinkles writes in the liner notes: "This project is dedicated to my friends in Japan, who continue to throw parties under the threat of arrest; who continue to gather in darkened rooms to carve out moments of collective joy and intimacy; who continue to make spaces for people to be more than what this oppressive society allows them to be."

Where Dancefloors Stand Still is a testament to the power and beauty of deep house music, and a tribute to the Japanese club culture that has nurtured it. It is also a reminder that dancing is not only a form of entertainment, but also a form of resistance and liberation.

Some of the highlights of the album are:

Braxton Holmes - 12 Inches of Pleasure (Ron's Foreplay): A smooth and sensual track co-produced by Ron Trent, one of the pioneers of deep house. The track features a seductive female voice over a groovy bassline and lush chords.

Fingers Inc. - Never No More Lonely: A classic track from the legendary trio of Larry Heard, Robert Owens and Ron Wilson, who are widely regarded as the originators of deep house. The track showcases Owens' soulful vocals over Heard's sublime production.

Lectroluv - If We Try (Ambient Dub): A rare and beautiful track from Fred Jorio, who also produced under the names Joi Cardwell and Junior Vasquez. The track is a blissful ambient dub version of a vocal house track, with ethereal pads and subtle percussion.

Keys & Tronics Ensemble - Calypso of House (Paradise Version): A hypnotic and percussive track from the Italian duo of Cesare Collina and Enrico Mantini, who also produced under the names Subway Ground Master and Deep Choice. The track features a catchy synth melody and a tribal drum pattern.

The album is available on CD, vinyl and digital formats from Mule Musiq, a Japanese label that specializes in deep house and electronic music. The album also features a beautiful cover painting by Emi Winter, a Mexican artist who is a friend of DJ Sprinkles. ec8f644aee


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