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Edius 5 Serial Number Download

Edius 5 Serial Number Download >>

Edius 5 Serial Number Download

If you have upgraded to the latest version of EDIUS Media Server, you need to perform a serial number upgrade. Simply follow these instructions: Go to this page and to serial numbers, and download your serial number. Copy the serial number onto your computer, open EDIUS, go to "About" and look under "Serial number". Go to the "User preferences" page and select the "Serial number" tab. Paste the serial number into the box and click on the "Download" button. This will update the serial number on your system.

EDIUS uses a secure VeriSign.GlobalSign DigiCert code signing and encryption certificate. This means when you install or update EDIUS, the installer checks to make sure that you are not installing a modified version of EDIUS. If the installer detects a modified version of EDIUS, it will notify the user that the installer is not signed by the crucial and trusted VeriSign Global Certification Authority and will not launch.

eID and EDIUSAuthentication of your serial number with your eID is necessary to launch EDIUS. The first time EDIUS is launched after installation, a serial number and eID verification screen will appear. EDIUS Pro//Workgroup will launch if they can be authenticated. d2c66b5586


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