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Where Can I Buy Black Craft Whiskey ^NEW^

The idea for this unique collaboration between craft brewery and distillery was born over a pint at the original Deschutes Brewery Public House over a decade ago in downtown, Bend, Oregon. Brewed with an artisanal selection of specialty malts and then double-distilled and aged for 5 years in new char #4 American White Oak barrels, the original Black Butte Whiskey is a 94-proof whiskey that retains the malty, chocolatey notes of Black Butte Porter and finishes with a soft, nearly sweet, character.

where can i buy black craft whiskey

Black Dirt Distilling, LLC was formed in March, 2012. In order to meet the demand of the newly crafted and already renowned Black Dirt Bourbon and Black Dirt Apple Jack, born at the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery, the construction of a 4,000 square foot distillery along with a 60 foot distillation column was completed in Pine Island, NY in 2013. Today, the facility produces upwards of 60 barrels of whiskey or apple jack every week.

Fragrance Notes:Whiskey Reserve: Top notes of spicy clove and black peppercorn. Middle notes of vanilla musk, amber and smoky incense. Bottom notes of top shelf, aged whiskey in charred oak barrels.

Pennington Distilling Company was founded in 2011 by local husband and wife team, Jeff and Jenny Pennington. With 41 National Spirits Awards to date, Pennington Distilling Company crafts the finest in Tennessee Whiskey, vodka and sipping cream. From hand selecting local farmers, gathering the best non-GMO grains, to aging whiskey in oak barrels, combined with their unique and flavorful spirit recipes a grain to glass distillery. Pennington Distilling Company has worked diligently to bring the finest alcoholic beverages to the ever-changing and highly competitive spirits industry.

Although the recipes and craft of making moonshine are ages old, the Sugarlands Still House at Sugarlands Distilling Company, features custom-designed distilling equipment that produces superior moonshine. With one foot firmly planted in the past and the other in these modern times, the Still House is where our delicious Sugarlands Shine is made. 041b061a72


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