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Malayalam Foot Fetish Stories 1


Malayalam Foot Fetish Stories 1

Foot-fetishism is a sexual fetish that is characterized by the act of touching or playing with the feet of another person, or seeking others to touch or play with one's feet. Although there are many theories about the specific cause of foot-fetishism, the exact cause is not known, and is believed to be multifactorial.[citation needed]

In most people, the odor of the feet is the result of bacteria that are naturally present in the skin. However, some people may have an increased ability to perceive smells, and this can lead to a fetishistic reaction. Similarly, those with fetishes involving the feet may be more susceptible to developing a foot odor. For those with a foot fetish, foot odor may also be the result of a fetishistic reaction, and some find it arousing. In the cases of some sexual fetishes involving feet, like toe-sucking, the cause is less obvious.

Many of those with fetishes have had others, like cross-dressing, foot-fetishism, and body-part fetishes. Cross-dressing is the act of dressing in clothes typically worn by the opposite sex. Those who cross-dress may find it arousing to wear the clothes of the opposite sex, but the act is typically not a fetish.

Fetishes are a part of human sexuality. They do not necessarily have to be classified as having a mental disorder or be a symptom of one. In the past, foot-fetishism was considered to be a mental disorder in the DSM-III and DSM-IV.[citation needed]

Those who suffer from fetishes are not considered to be sick, not completely insane, and are not a danger to themselves or others. Most fetishes are considered a harmless and pleasurable but non-sexual activity. Studies have shown the prevalence of foot-fetishism to be between 3% and 20% of the general population.[citation needed]

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