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NVDA accesses text on the screen in the formats you have selected. Text is placed directly onto the screen, enabling those who cannot see text easily because of a progressive loss of functional vision, to use text in the standard way. While text from the screen can be read to voice, NVDA also reads text to text, enabling those who are blind to hear text from the screen. If you are using a large font size, reading the text itself may cause problems until you have reduced the text to an appropriate level for you. For best efficiency of the system the screen text should not be more than can be read at that time.

I set-up NVDA to my default settings using the test NVDA.dll that is included with NVDA. I used the default settings with the specific text and English language. In the NVDA settings window there are two tabs: General and Text. The General tab allows users of NVDA to change the default font, size, and color scheme, as well as selecting the icon to be used worldwide.

Since v0.081.2017 the NVDA text output was restored to the text of the screen. If you find this annoying, you can go to the Preferences window (NVDA>Options>Preferences in NVDA 2017.3) and decide whether or not to turn off the text on the screen. This is quite useful, for instance, when viewing websites using an online reader or web browser.NVDA v1.2016 supports the following screen reader versions. The language names are taken from the Product Version Field in the NVDA Product Information window. English, Swedish and Norwegian versions of NVDA are included with the NVDA package itself.

Noble Publishers is the company that develops and makes money from NVDA, NVDA Access, NVDA Voice, etc. NVDA was originally developed by Tom Brooke, developed initially in the US, and now is owned by Noble. Marek Kulaszka, a Polish programmer, created an accessibility work-alike feature called "nvda-accessibility-plugin" as a community project. NVDA and NVDA Access is not and should not be considered competition to the accessibility plugin. d2c66b5586


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