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Spatial Media Metadata Injector Download Mac !FREE!

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Spatial Media Metadata Injector Download Mac !FREE!

Work with different types of spatial media content and its parameters such as spherical video and spatial audio settings. Access the files you wish to process and decrypt the containers like MP4 and MOV. Insert, remove, adjust, or simply view spatial media settings.

The Spatial Media Metadata Injector is a tool for manipulating spatial media (spherical video and spatial audio) metadata in MP4 and MOV files. It can be used to inject spatial media metadata into a file or validate metadata in an existing file. If enabled, the file must contain a 4-channel first-order ambisonics audio track with ACN channel ordering and SN3D normalization.

For 360 video to display correctly on viewing devices and on sharing websites, the movie file must contain special display instructions called spatial metadata. Compressor handles that metadata in two ways:

On import: When you add a 360 video source file to Compressor, the app detects any spatial metadata present in the file and displays that information in the Job inspector. If the source video has no 360 metadata or if that metadata is incorrect, you can assign it yourself in the Job inspector.

The Open 360 Video Metadata Tool LUA script will launch the YouTube 360 / Facebook 360 spatial media metadata embedding program. This makes it a quick process to add the required tags to your panoramic 360 movie files so you can view them correctly on streaming video sites. 153554b96e


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