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TOP Siberian Mouse Forum

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I found a nice free program, created by Linoma Software (aka GoAnyWhereMFT) from Nebraska USA, to create and manage my PGP keys, called OpenPGP Studio. While trying out the program, I noticed that when generating the RSA keys the program does not ask you to do anything e.g. move your mouse etc. to increase randomness entered into the entropy pool.So I posted a guestion to their support forum (very low intensity forum, about one posted question per month) asking about the entropy source for the program, and also added to the post another secondary question about key imports.The question entered moderation, and no feedback for 3 days.So I asked them what the status is and within a couple of hours they approved and posted the question BUT they deleted from the source the part about the entropy, answering just the secondary question. 153554b96e


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