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xdmcp (or dmctrl depending on your default dbus server) is used to manage users on systemd-based systems. it provides several facilities for managing the login process, creating and managing users. the rationale is that using xdmcp for user authentication is a transitional move towards a login system that works as expected everywhere, regardless of how the current login/user management is implemented on the machine. besides the traditional getty and systemd-logind runlevels, which also allow xdmcp-controlled instances to function, there is a non-traditional runlevel as well. is a non-traditional, non-traditional multiuser runlevel that provides the full range of xdmcp capabilities without actually being a runlevel. this lets you deploy an xdmcp-based solution to work with any login system installed on the system.

xfce 4.12.5 is the latest stable release of xfce's desktop environment for gnu/linux systems. xfce is an intuitive and versatile desktop for unix-like computer systems. key features are the ease of use and power of thunar file manager; customizable panel; many applications are available pre-installed, such as office and internet tools, as well as a broad range of games, image viewers and audio and video players. xfce is lightweight and user friendly and runs fast. running it creates a beautiful desktop environment with nice and handy features. xfce uses little memory and is fast.

zfs file system support: zfs has been integrated into the ubuntu installer. this allows you to create a secure, high performance storage pool for your ubuntu installation. it also allows you to enable raid and zfs file systems on top of your existing partition and file systems. besides the basic local zfs pool, you can also create a clustered zfs pool. see the ubuntu installation guide for more information. 3d9ccd7d82


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