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CVE-2020-3760 (digital Editions)

CVE-2020-3760 (digital Editions) ===

CVE-2020-3760 (digital Editions)

Adobe has released a security update for Adobe Digital Editions. This update resolves a critical and an important vulnerability. Successful exploitation could lead to Arbitrary Code Execution and Information Disclosure respectively in the context of the current user.

The Framemaker flaws stem from buffer errors, or improper restrictions of operations within the bounds of a memory buffer (CVE-2020-3734); heap overflows, which is a type of buffer overflow that occurs in the heap data area (CVE-2020-3731, CVE-2020-3735); memory-corruption glitches that stem from an unexpected change in the contents of a memory location (CVE-2020-3739, CVE-2020-3740); and out-of-bounds (OOB) write flaws, which are write operations that then produce undefined or unexpected results (CVE-2020-3720, CVE-2020-3721, CVE-2020-3722, CVE-2020-3723, CVE-2020-3724, CVE-2020-3725, CVE-2020-3726, CVE-2020-3727, CVE-2020-3728, CVE-2020-3729, CVE-2020-3730, CVE-2020-3732, CVE-2020-3733, CVE-2020-3736, CVE-2020-3737, CVE-2020-3738).

Acrobat and Reader also had three important-rated information disclosure flaws and two moderate-rated memory leak vulnerabilities. Users are urged to update to the patched versions (see chart to left for updated versions).

Please ensure your FortiOS systems are patched to ensure protection against these CVEs, look for evidence of exploitation of the CVEs or malicious activity targeting those ports, and immediately investigate any potential intrusions if any are found.

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What They Do: Naval Aircrewman Tactical Helicopter assist in aircrew operations and Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Operations. They can assist with operations such as search and rescue and medical evacuations. Other duties include performing sonar and sonobuoy operations.

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What They Do: They perform different administrative, clerical, and managerial duties to maintain aircraft monitoring and repair activities running as planned. The AZ also oversees maintenance and scheduling work, including inspections and repair of aircraft and its equipment.

What They Do: Their focus is all other aspects of safety gear, such as seat and canopy ejections, life raft ejections, fire extinguishers, ventilation, cabin heat and air, shoulder harnesses and lap belts. They are involved with pre and post flight inspections.

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