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Buy Napkins For Decoupage

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Buy Napkins For Decoupage

One of the things I always tell people to save for me are their extra paper napkins for decoupage and my mixed media collage projects. They look at me like I am crazy! You want napkins YES! YES! YES!

How to make DIY decoupage ornaments on wood round slices. This is an easy way to your own tree ornaments. Use a paper napkin or tissue paper in any pattern or color to make custom ornaments that match your Christmas decorating style.

This fun decoupage basket was made using hydrangea napkins. Small beverage napkins were applied to a woven basket to decorate it for a new accessory and home decor! Sometimes doing crafts make me a little nervous. But I like to mix things up a little like I'm doing with this decoupage project.

What kind of napkin do you use for decoupage Beautiful paper napkins! These pretty hydrangea napkins were purchased on Amazon. I have used napkins from the dollar store as well, they have some very beautiful designs. After you open the napkins, it's obvious where you will need to divide them. Wet the paper napkin to easily tear it for decoupage. Because I only needed a straight line, I used a thin paint brush dipped in water. If you have an intricate pattern that needs to be torn, you can use an aqua brush. The aqua brush will allow you to follow a pattern. Oh my gosh, I think you will be surprised how easy the napkin is to tear once it is wet.

Do you see the missing yellow flower right in the center of this image It was torn, so stippling or dabbing the decoupage medium works better than brushing it on. I think I should have used a little saran wrap to help smooth it. Of course, it helps to have patience.

Where the napkins ended around each corner, I used a small piece of napkin to bring it all together. Complete the basket following these steps. Mod Podge, place napkin, dab more mod podge onto napkin. I think I'll get better with a little practice. Placement is fairly easy with such a busy pattern.

I decoupaged a small box to use to put in some jewelry I had made. However, I did an experiment. I did not separate the napkin but decoupaged the entire napkin to the box. It felt like fine linen. I was so surprised and the person receiving the gift loved it. It took several coats of Mod Podge but worth it.

What a transformation! I tried using napkins ONCE to decoupage some ceramic tile coasters, and I had a major fail. Haven't tried again since. This is a fun idea though! Maybe I will keep my eyes out for a good basket at the thrift store.

Just plain LOVE it! I, too, thought you had painted it on when I had only seen the picture, but happily found you had decoupaged it!!! I have been finding Longaberger baskets at a thrift shop near me and they are selling for pennies considering what the original costs were. Maybe they'll come back up in value like everything else, but for now they seem to be bought second hand as a bargain....ANYWAY...I am so going to try this and thank you for giving me some confidence to try it!!! Blessings for a wonderful Spring...

How wonderful! I appreciate your sweet comment so much. This was so easy, I can't wait to hear how your basket turns out! The key is to NOT paint the mod podge, but use a more delicate dabbing on the thin napkins. This was my first basket, but probably not my last!

This project was really surprisingly easy. It's all about the napkins. LOL Tearing them was so easy after I learned the trick.It's also important to not "paint" on the decoupage medium. The napkins are too delicate for that.gail

By using napkins, such as the decorative bundle in our shop, you can create multiple designs for one type of craft. This is a great way to make unique presents or create unique crafts for around your house. Even though we have a winter one here, you could technically make one for each season with different types of napkins. 59ce067264


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