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Where Can I Buy Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets


Where Can I Buy Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Preparing for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel? You should consider buying unfinished cabinets. You can use the unfinished wood for various cabinet functions in your home. Picture a remodeling process where you have complete creative control over the look of your kitchen.

This implies that there will be no coat of any kind on them. Unfinished cabinets are less expensive than ready-made wood cabinets, and even at low prices, everyone can afford them. While the typical cost of a kitchen remodeling job is roughly $25,000, unfinished wood offers better value.

Purchasing unfinished cabinets create room for customization. This implies that many homeowners can be more creative and flexible with unfinished cabinetry. So you can stain, seal, or paint unfinished cabinets to want to tweak the look and feel.

Suppose you want to maintain the cabinets exactly how they are now (the unfinished wood natural look). You could later decide to give your entire kitchen a completely new style. They are simple to paint or refinish in any color that appeals to you. These wood cabinets come in two forms;

The most noticeable parts of unfinished veneer wood cabinets have more expensive wood. However, the main body of the cabinets is constructed of cheaper wood. For instance, you could have plywood cabinets with solid wood cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Do you wish to add more of a bespoke cabinet that is no longer being produced? The best choice is to buy unfinished cabinets. You may supplement your current setup by purchasing the paint and hardware to complement your unfinished kitchen cabinet.

The most significant advantage of unfinished cabinetry is this. Unfinished cabinets can help you save money when remodeling cabinets, which is a substantial investment. Also, you may save a large amount of money by installing them yourself if you are confident in your ability to do so.

Gently examine the color and grain pattern since wood varies. Dark cherry wall cabinets will look crowded in a small kitchen, while pine looks soft for the sturdiness needed in heavily used base cabinets. Also, ensure that the color of the hardware on your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers matches other fixtures.

Before buying unfinished cabinets, come well-versed with the many types of kitchen cabinets. Which cabinet box and door types will suit your residence? There are several options available, ranging from shaker to artisan. Do you prefer framed cabinets or unframed cabinets? Other options are glass panels on cabinet doors, open shelves, and a soffit.

After this, the smooth wood will now look rough. Sand it until it becomes smooth. And use a cloth to remove dust. Next, apply an even coat of stain over the entire kitchen cabinets. There should be no dripping and allow it to dry for 6 hours. The texture will be visible at this stage, although the wood may not appear stained.

Would you prefer a more natural-looking cabinet design or want to personalize these fixtures yourself? Look no further than Kitchen Cabinets Depot, where we offer finished or unfinished ready-to-assemble cabinets that come in many styles.

YEEHAA!!! Builders Surplus carries an unbeatable selection of in stock unfinished wood kitchen cabinets. All of our unfinished cabinets are American Made, and are 100% plywood construction, unlike the particle board cabinets found in bigger box stores. Our cabinets also feature dove tail drawers, 6 way adjustable hinges, and can be painted or stained. Builders Surplus carries 6 different styles of unfinished cabinets: raised panel oak, flat panel oak, poplar shaker, raised panel alder, alder shaker, and flat panel maple. No matter what your taste, we carry an option in stock for you.

Our Unfinished Shaker Maple kitchen cabinets are perfect for do-it-yourself remodels. This cabinet line is made of maple and can be painted or stained to match any pre-existing décor or color scheme in your home. These versatile cabinets


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