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HD Online Player (Naturist Freedom Family At Farm Nudi)


HD Online Player (Naturist Freedom Family At Farm Nudi)

a large part of the group that made that first camp were body-acceptance nudists. they were those of us who understand that body acceptance is the most important prerequisite to enjoying nudity. our commitment to each other included a commitment to allowing all of our families to be free to enjoy nude recreation without fear of retaliation, judgment or loss of employment. those who had the strength to resist this "family pressure" would not be welcome in our camps or groups.

the camp went on to produce a number of campsites in all states in the southeast. in the early years it would be years before members of the families who moved away from our camp were allowed to join us. today we are one of the largest resorts in the world and we have members from all 50 states. all of them bring their families with them.

because of the success of our camps, some in the nudist community decided that there was a need for us to be a front-line organization that would promote an open attitude toward nudity among the non-nudists in our society. we found that movement toward full-out nudism was most effective at educating people who approached it with an open mind. by the end of the 1980s, we had seen some progress in attitudes toward nudity. the more we spoke out and the more people

with open minds began looking at bodies rather than running away. we see this change most dramatically when young people first discover they can fully enjoy themselves when in the company of other young naked bodies. told that the problem with body-acceptance nudism was solved, our children began to explore their bodies in a manner they have never enjoyed elsewhere. but they had to take our word for it as we were spread thin all over the nudist world and we had no control over the families we had signed to be at our campgrounds. 3d9ccd7d82


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