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Big Shopping Centers In Ankara

Real estate sector in Turkey has witnessed a rapid growth in the last 15 years and as a result for that, the number of commercial and shopping centers is constantly increasing, especially with the transition of residential life from the style of apartments to the style of sites and complexes, where these shopping centers were integrated into residential complexes, or at least near them to become a breather and a place to shop and enjoy time in a modern and elegant way.

Big Shopping Centers In Ankara

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The huge projects that are being built continuously and the rise of population of the wonderful city of Istanbul, led to the increase of shopping centers numbers of various sizes small and big, which in turn contributed to the revival of the national economy and reduced unemployment significantly, and above all most of the commercial centers found in the city has won many important prizes in Europe-wide, in both designs and construction terms.

Is one of the largest shopping malls in Ankara and has been in service since 1999, the mall welcomes its visitors with a size of 120 thousand square meters.

Atakule Shopping Mall is a shopping mall in Ankara, famous for its rotating restaurant tower. It is located in Çankaya district, where Cinnah Street and Çankaya Street intersect, facing Zübeyde Hanım Square. It was a 5-storey section that was built as an Atrium bazaar and operated as a shopping mall and had a wedding and cocktail hall as a social unit.

The observation deck at 87 m height is reached by two elevators, which have a reinforced concrete carrier system, built at a height of 125 m, and have a view of the city at the ascent and the descent. Under this section, there is a cafe-bar floor and a restaurant floor with a rotating platform above it. At the top, there is a cocktail lounge under the dome and the existing infrastructure in the shopping center and tower.

Arcadium Shopping Mall, serving with a sincere and high-quality service understanding in Çayyolu with its interesting concept, brings a colorful and different interpretation to shopping habits since 2003.

Arcadium is a breathtaking shopping mall where modernity and comfort are prioritized in architectural details for everyone who wants to get away from the stress of the day and the chaos of life, relax and have a pleasant time!

Metromall is a shopping mall located in Ankara. Metromall, which was opened on September 28, 2017, has become the largest and second shopping mall in the Etimesgut region. The building complex, which has nearly 200 stores and a parking lot for 3,000 vehicles, is the first shopping mall in Ankara with an opening ceiling.

ANKAmall is the second largest shopping centre in Turkey after Cevahir Mall from İstanbul. It is located in Ankara, covering an area of 176,000 square metres (1,890,000 sq ft).[1] It was opened on 27 August 1999[2] as Migros Shopping Centre.

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city of Turkey after the city of Istanbul is famous for its shopping centers, which includes distinctive popular markets and modern luxury Where the malls of Ankara and its markets are considered one of the best shopping and tourism places in Turkey and the most sophisticated, as it attracts the local population and foreign tourists.

One of the first shopping complexes in Ankara, it was opened in 1991, it includes 368 stores and is considered one of the most important shopping centers in the city. Hotels near Carom Mall Ankara Sheraton Hotel

One of the most famous and most luxurious malls in Ankara. He won the prize for the best shopping center in Europe, which is one of the shopping centers that tourists and locals cannot dispense with, in which he displays the most famous international and local brands. Hotels near Armada Mall Movenpick Hotel Ankara

Shopping at Cukurcuma Caddesi in Istanbul is akin to time traveling! It is one of the best places for antiques and quirky shopping where you can get cheap Turkey shopping prices. The winding streets are flanked by beautiful neoclassical buildings that are now restored and protected. A perfect combination of flea market and souvenir shopping, you will certainly enjoy a day out in Cukurcuma!

Located in the Blue Mosque complex, Arasta Bazaar is the perfect place to combine sightseeing and shopping in Turkey Istanbul. The large open air bazaar is the best place to find handmade rugs and carpets, delicate ceramics, and mosaic tiles. Indulge in window shopping and get a cup of Turkish coffee on the go!

You probably have to carry an extra bag of luggage full of Turkey shopping while returning home! Book your Turkey trip and take a trip to the shopping heaven with your best friend, for a lifetime of memories.

Rezasian: One of the best malls in Ankara including Supermarket and cafes . Too big and clean and full of famous brands boutique. Forget about shopping and just walk away. Too expensive. Visit the sports shop.

The apartment for sale in Ankara is close to transportation facilities, markets, health centers, schools, and shopping centers in the region, 1.4 km from the metro station, 4.7 km from the big shopping center in the region, 7 km from the city hospital, 10.7 km from Kızılay, 14.6 km from Çankaya Atakule and 20.7 km from Esenboğa International Airport.

With the increasing popularity of Kızılay, the trade life was switched to Çankaya District. Çankaya kept this superiority till today; but over time other popular places were born within Çankaya. First, the commercial center going from Kızılay to Bakanlıklar housed large fashion houses in this zone. Fashion houses appeared starting from the Gökdelen. Even though both Kızılay and Bakanlıklar have lost their past magnificence, their significance still continues. Kızılay maintains the natüre of being a major shopping center in the city; moreover, pedestrian areas of the city are located in this zone. Sakarya Street pedestrian zone is exuberant at all hours of the day with the shops where you can make all kind of food shopping, with fish stands and grocery displays mixed to each other, colored by the florists, having resting places, cafes, restaurants all around. Yüksel Street pedestrian zone, which has been opened in the new year of 1990 with an open-air fest, became a center where youth and artists are gathered.

With the last leap of the post-1980 period, the trade passed to Atakule and its surroundings. This new center, which extends from Köroğlu Street to the Atakule, in front of the Çankaya Palace, is a complete "Mall" (big shopping center) with its western meaning.

In our times the shopping centres are the most frequented places for social gathering. In these commercial temples an inviting atmosphere has to be made and the visitors have to be directed in such away that a constant flow of people is created, passing all shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. In these centres the lighting for a safe circulation of people an optimal orientation has to be integrated with the illumination of the architecture and the lighting for setting the mood. In shopping centres a seductive experience of fantasy, relaxation and entertainment has to turn potential consumers into big spenders: Shop till you drop!

Which is the biggest shopping mall or what are the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul? We did a pleasant research for those who love to shop or enjoy spending time in shopping malls. So, which of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey? Here is a list of Top 25 Biggest Shoping Malls in Turkey that can be easily visited by renting a car.

There are about 350 shopping malls in Turkey. On average, 100 of these shopping malls are in Istanbul, 35 of them are in Ankara and 19 of them are in İzmir. So, which one do you think the biggest shopping mall in Turkey?

Forum Istanbul is the biggest shopping mall in Turkey with 495 thousand square meters of construction area. Forum Istanbul is also one of the biggest in Europe. This huge shopping mall has a shopping area of 176,245 square meters and has 286 different brands. This shopping mall is located in Bayrampaşa district of Istanbul. It is in a very convenient location in terms of transportation. Moreover, it is only 25 minutes away from the airport. Forum Istanbul is also known for its entertainment venues such as Sealife Aquarium and Jurassic Land. You can easily reach here from any district of Istanbul you want by renting a car in Istanbul.

Marmara Forum is located in Bakırköy district of Istanbul. This shopping mall has a shopping area of 135,000 square meters and has almost 300 different brands. These features make it one of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey. Marmara Forum is the biggest shopping mall in Turkey in terms of food and cinema with 60 food brands and 16 movie theaters. Also, the location of shopping mall is very close to one of the busiest points of the E5 road. So, Marmara Forum is also a very popular living space in Istanbul, especially in winter months.

It is located at a very central point in Şişli-Mecidiyeköy in Istanbul. Cevahir Shopping Mall opened its doors to visitors on 15 October 2005 as one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe and the world. There are 230 stores in this 6-storey shopping mall with a parking lot for 2500 vehicles. There are 1 theater hall, 12 movie theaters, 1 bowling hall and 48 restaurants in Istanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall.

It was opened for the first time on August 27, 1999 as named Ankara Migros Shopping Mall. Later, the shopping center was reopened after construction works on May 12, 2006 under the name Ankamall. Ankamall Shopping Mall has 120,000 square meters of shopping area, approximately 330 stores and a fairly large car park with a capacity of 6,000 vehicles. Ankamall also includes a 5-star hotel with a capacity of 568 beds. 041b061a72


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