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here we want to consider the signal a subtitler transmits in his/her contribution. we assume that the subtitler is working with a pre-existing text, in this case the original film. we are not interested in the subtitlers role in the production process, but rather in the fact that they transmit the translation to the viewers.

we will begin by examining the signal subtitlers transmit in their contribution. as suggested by bachelard, the signal subtitlers transmit is not the message they convey but rather its sign itself (bachelard, 2005, p. 98). in other words, the signal that subtitlers transmit is not the meaning of the original text, but rather its sign. this sign is automatically translated into the target language and appears in subtitles. through the sign subtitlers transmit, the original text will be seen and perceived as a coherent text in the target language.

the importance of quality and adherence to style in subtitling has been recognized since the earliest days of subtitling. subtitling methods, standards, and style manuals have been established in the context of the projects funded by the eu's directorate general for language and culture and, more recently, with the development of the translation industry and the general awareness of the importance of subtitling in the digital age. efforts to ensure high quality, not only of a subtitling project, but also of subtitling itself, have been fueled by the publication of the three volumes on subtitling by the european subtitling association (edss), edited by the association's secretary (celis, 2004; edss, 2004; edss, 2004). 3d9ccd7d82


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