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Addic7ed is the best site to download subtitles for movies or TV shows. So, you definitely need this site. There are mobilesirt subtitles available in.ssa files. Those require certain player to play. If you just want to download the subtitles, there is a button to download subtitles. Videos are also available for downloading.

As the name suggests, the site just contains the subtitles. You can select your desired file names for your desired purpose. If you need choppy subtitles that can be enabled in your player, you need the Fax version. You can use two sites at once to download both the subtitles. Addic7ed works according to your browser. You can choose DVD version or Video download or TTS(Text-To-Speech). You can also use the zoomp4 video player video downloader extension

Broadcast version of DivX is also provided here. You can download the avi version of the same. It is converted in DivX format and saved in.avi file. By using of ffmpeg will be easier to you for converting text files to different formats.Replay and various output options are provided here. You can play it with VLC, MPC etc.

Browse the site and you will find a new name for a site. The site has movies with subtitles only. You can either view or download subtitles in.vob format. The site is very useful for viewing subtitles in different formats.

I have been using this site regularly for downloading DivX videos. It can serve all your purposes. This site has option for multiple categories of subtitles. If you are looking for the simple method to watch the subtitles, you will be pleased to use this site. It is free to use and just one more alternative for downloading the subtitles for your movie. d2c66b5586


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