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She is characterized by her many hobbies. Haruko enjoys rambling and is a fan of classic rock, as well as being amazed by all sorts of things. She is also very obsessed with her health and spends a lot of time maintaining it by exercising. It is even revealed that, when she was a child, she would fall asleep on a diet, and a doctor forced her to eat to stop her from skipping school, causing her to become a health-nut. Haruko's one weakness is the sight of blood, making her feel nauseated and faint. When such a sight is shown on-screen, she is most likely to faint, but doing this will not prevent her from doing what she's really passionate in doing.

Her closest friend is Ayumi Fujimura, who's known as "666" for her choice of number. They're called "Jinyu-chan" and "Amara-chan" for their distinctive voices. Jinyu is quiet and tends to freak out when she gets excited, and Amarao is an energetic character who directs his desires towards a tangible object. When she was young, she used to run from the police for being a Kōhō gekidan leader; however, she now runs for being a wanted Kōhō gekidan leader. d2c66b5586


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