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Convenience to do it all inside of weblink; Single seat environment, which requires management of any concurrency issues are handled through and USE_ON_DEMAND license type, which does not expire. If you need a license for multiple users at the same time where you need to be able to track upgrades for licenses, On-Demand can be used.

Licenses are divided into different types, for example: Standalone Licenses The license is only valid on your account's server, and the license is NOT tied to a specific machine. Standalone Licenses represent the most generic kind of licenses. The code can be loaded on any system and the license type will allow access to the code on that system without querying the MDPI server to see if the license is available elsewhere.

MolMollicenses can contain multiple license types and combine more than one license type in one license document. For example, MolMollicenses can contain different licenses for different license types or types of users (e.g., On-Demand and Standalone licenses), which can be used simultaneously. This is an advanced capability that is not recommended for most users. d2c66b5586


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