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Hardeep Singh

What is autoboxing and unboxing in Java?

Java has features that automatically convert primitive data types into their wrapper classes and vice versa.

Autoboxing: Autoboxing is a conversion that automatically converts primitive data types into their wrapper class objects (such as Integer, Double, Float, etc.). The wrapper classes (Integers, Doubles, Floats, etc.) are converted into primitive data types. The Java compiler performs this conversion implicitly. Autoboxing is performed, for example, when a primitive value is signed to an object in the wrapper class. Java Classes in Pune

Unboxing: Unboxing is a conversion that occurs automatically of objects wrapped in wrapper classes back to primitive data types. The Java compiler also performs this conversion implicitly. Unboxing happens, for example, when a wrapper object is signed to a primitive type.

Java 5 introduced autoboxing and unboxing to simplify and improve code readability by eliminating the need to manually convert between primitive types and their wrapper classes. Autoboxing and Unboxing should be used with caution in performance-critical code sections because they can cause overheads due to garbage collection and object creation. Java Classes in Pune | With 100% Placement (2024)


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