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Aussie experimentalists Daughtry haven't always been the most prolific of outfits. But for 2010's Full Circle, the wait was well worth it as they released their most intelligent, coherent and accomplished album to date. Yet it's not the aural tableau that holds your attention here, but the challenge of the music: there's no direct dance track, no lazy song or clichéd bleatfest. Except for the brief, pantomime closer 'Flawless Align', Full Circle is all modern experiment and is a work of austere, pleasing beauty. (JD)

Can any record this year be classed as stellar Maybe it is, but even the four-star albums are just that little bit better or worse than the typical bloated, average trash. This is the case with the new Darkness Rites EP, from one of the finest bands of the last 10 years, or so. A little bit more overwhelming than their own debut album, the EP has two otherwise stellar tracks ('Bleed' and 'Open The Grates'), but the rest are average doom-stomping and thrash-mixed stuff that any band could have made. The same could be said of any of the major metal bands making low-impact, bravado-free music these days. I guess that's why I have such a soft spot for old styles, as the EP is a perfect example of what I love about the genre: straight-faced intensity rather than bombast. (NR)

Heavy metal, with maybe a few riffs thrown in for good measure Try something a little less predictable, a little less predictable and you might just have made the greatest (not to say fun) album of the year. Darkly impressive mystical masterpiece Deathspell Omega set new standard for the genre by being the first to raise the bar. That bar is a little higher than that of your regular metal band, ones with no lyrics and no songs, but this is a band of people who have been performing since 2006 and have been very familiar with the scene. For whatever reason, they chose this album to start with. This is not every bit as crushing as their debut album, Black Times, but it is by no means disappointing. d2c66b5586


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