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Ubeco Profil Full Rar

PROFIL for the roll form design of automotive profiles is an integrated in-house software in which the company has invested about 100,000 hrs. Since the completion of the development activities, about 12 million hours have been needed to operate PROFIL and to write the corresponding documentation.

In the development of PROFIL the demand and needs of automobile manufacturers were considered. These, mainly based on recommendations from the leading German manufacturers of passenger cars, were met by giving:-the designers of automotive profiles at the dawn of the roll forming technology a tool for design and simulation that allows saving for future changes and that calculates the tube for every production line-the roll formers and tube mills a user friendly tool for the production of the tubes-the employees the possibility to optimize the height of the roll tooling and the shaping passes-the customer the possibility to see the completed profile exactly as they will be delivered by the mill.

In the design of a mill, one has to know the amount of the cross-sectional area and the tensile stress of the profile material. For better understanding, one has to know the length of the profile, the tensile stress of the tool steel, the bending stiffness of the roll tool, the cross sectional area and the cross section of the profile on the roll pass. There are many ways to define these values and calculate the stress based on mathematical formulas. Due to the requirements of the automobile manufacturers, the stress on the profile as it will be experienced in the roll forming pass has to be calculated in the three dimensions.For the calculation of the influence of the bending on the profile, the stress was calculated for three different radii. The virtual profile is generated by the roll forming process, and the stress is calculated for each step of bending. 3d9ccd7d82


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