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Off The Record [v0.4.2]


Off The Record [v0.4.2]

I don't know why the heck this is happening but I basically can't play any games made with renpy, it crashes instantly or almost instantly, I checked my ram to see if it was an OOC problem but no. Off the record specifically keeps crashing literally after I click once to see the next text line. I have no idea what's happening if someone here could give some tips I would appreciate it.

Ik the dark type plots are very popular right now but bro, this made me creep out, like it's not raping, but still not far from it, and recording it too, I think you could have made it a less darker, some people (like me) get wierded or creeped out of things like this

Template placeholders: since Caliper provides a concise way to define multiple rounds and multiple workers with the same behavior, it is essential to differentiate between the recordings of the workers and rounds. Accordingly, the output file paths can contain placeholders for the round and worker indices that will be resolved automatically at each worker in each round. Otherwise, every worker would write the same file, resulting in a serious conflict between timings and transaction IDs.

Text format: the rate controller saves the recordings in the following format (assuming a constant 10 TPS rate and ignoring the noise in the actual timings), row i corresponding to the ith transaction:

Binary format: Both binary representations encode the X number of recordings as a series of X+1 UInt32 numbers (1 number for the array length, the rest for the array elements), either in Little Endian or Big Endian encoding:

A trivial use case of this controller is to play back a transaction recording created by the record controller. However, a well-formed trace file is the only requirement for this controller, hence any tool/method can be used to generate the transaction load profile.

Special care must be taken, when using duration-based benchmark execution, as it is possible to issue more transactions than specified in the recording. A safety measure for this case is the defaultSleepTime option. This should only occur in the last few moments of the execution, affecting only a few transactions, that can be discarded before performing additional performance analyses on the results. is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the United States. Find out about us on our About page.Click on a state to see more detailed info.Data is updated site wide approximately every ten minutes. is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the United States. Find out about us on our About page.Click on a state to see more detailed info. Data is updated site wide approximately every ten minutes.

Add support for keyvar in DDI, which will (eventually) help link data across record types in hierarchical extracts. To be effective, this requires more support on the website, which is hopefully coming soon (#25 - thanks @mpadge!)

A topic is a category or feed name to which records are published. Topics in Kafka are always multi-subscriber; that is, a topic can have zero, one, or many consumers that subscribe to the data written to it.

In fact, the only metadata retained on a per-consumer basis is the offset or position of that consumer in the log. This offset is controlled by the consumer: normally a consumer will advance its offset linearly as it reads records, but, in fact, since the position is controlled by the consumer it can consume records in any order it likes. For example a consumer can reset to an older offset to reprocess data from the past or skip ahead to the most recent record and start consuming from "now".

Producers publish data to the topics of their choice. The producer is responsible for choosing which record to assign to which partition within the topic. This can be done in a round-robin fashion simply to balance load or it can be done according to some semant


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