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Us Patent Nos 4603 Driver For Win7 23l


application developers love unicode fonts because they can completely bypass the system (and thus the system attack surface). this, however, also means that the user is at the mercy of the application developer. users are on the hook for forgetting to install the fonts for the application, and the system is at the mercy of the system attack surface. although the resulting damage is usually limited to the high-value damage from malware, most malware does not stop to parse and tweak unicode strings at all, so it has no problem doing that.

the failure mode was first observed in the release of windows 8, when attempting to print a driver-based printer with a printer installer from a specific vendor, which would cause printisolationhost.exe to fail with the message the print spooler service is not functioning. a very similar message was seen with a free driver from microsoft.

in a more recent incarnation of a similar failure mode, a driver that caused printisolationhost.exe to fail with the message the print spooler service is not functioning, a hunk of code at offset 0x8f in pdhprintcopyfilew, was discovered to go awry if it came across a specific input data file found at 0x40 in the same pdhprintcopyfilew function. because of the extremely similar messages in these two failure modes, the driver vendor was urged to report the issue to the software authors of the respective printer drivers.

the most recent occurrence of this mode of failure was with the release of microsoft office 2013, where it was detected in the latest released version of a printer installer of this vendor. even with that newly identified failure mode, windows 8 continues to be vulnerable to the same failure mode, and the vendor of a software like winzip, that uses a third-party printer driver, will likely soon be facing exactly this scenario. given the number of windows 7 and server 2008 installations there are, the vendor's cumulative exposure to this risk is huge. 3d9ccd7d82


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