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Mature Furry

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Two Old Furry Fans, Episode #3a: In which Mark and Rodney talking about fun furry findings at Disneyland, the world confronts the appearance of Star Wars and The Rescuers, and Mark starts to write furry science fiction. So just what is a skiltaire, anyway

The "friend" is Aaron Zemen...a 26-year-old man, living in Arizona. Zemen has several social media accounts revealing his admitted dog fetish and that he is a furry. A furry is a person who is an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics.

Sin City Murr Con is the first Las Vegas convention to be 18+, kink friendly, adult furry convention. An adult only space we offer education, social opportunities, and a safe place for furries and kink to collide and have an amazing weekend! is a site dedicated to listing all furry conventions around the world. It is built on top of a platform pioneered by and and shares the same database, but only lists furry cons (and cons with significant furry programming). Lists of all the other conventions out there can be found at

i wonder why there are never any other commrnts, and i am only the first. nice article, but to short. great song by version on shadows and light was better. what mr. elliot forgot to say, wasthat she mimicked his voice and accent. she might have tosses him a c note for using that image of him. poor furryhad been shafted so many times befor in the music business, he figured at this point in time, he was ready and due for some payback. hey, ir doesn't hurt to ask. yes yes hejira is joni's best album. shine is her worst, but it does have some great joni lyric. thanx again- love to joni plus all davidj

These are the works of a mature artist, perhaps in the most ominous sense: memories (an aid and a plague), emblems of despair (destroyed buildings), but despair mitigated by a will we find in Samuel Beckett’s “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.”

Adult raspberry crown borers are stout-bodied, furry moths with clear wings outlined in brown. They somewhat resemble a yellow jacket with a black body crossed by narrow yellow bands (Fig. 2). The body immediately behind the head can range from reddish-brown to black. The antennae are black but the furry legs are yellowish. The moths actively fly during the day. 59ce067264


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