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Monster Girl Quest CG Set

Amira informs the party of the upcoming Yamatai's Men Festival organized with the participation of Grand Noah. Luka and his companions decide to sign up for the festival for the challenge and the possible reward. When the party signs up, everyone is dumbfounded to learn that instead of the grueling trials for men usually held, the event will be a girl band contest as "simply living in this volatile world is a trial on its own". The heroine doesn't give up and sign anyway. She then asks Saki for her help, as the succubus idol is the most experienced monster for music within the Pocket Castle. If Ilias is the main heroine, she will recruit Lucifina-chan, Micaela-chan and Eden to her cause while Alice will recruit the girls from other world, namely Rovissa, Tarsa and Rigeo. Unsurprisingly, Sonya expresses her frustration at being left behind and decides to form her own band.

Monster Girl Quest CG Set

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However, Luka wakes up at 1PM the day of the competition while some monsters repair and maintain the Pocket Castle. He's surprised to see Gob arrive to deliver a pizza. Uninformed, Luka first thinks that the pizza has been ordered by the heroine, but she informs him of the opposite. Luka decides to have lunch afterward while looking for who ordered the pizza. After spending most of the afternoon lazying around, he gets asked by Sonya to help her move some heavy furniture to the chapel. However, once they're done, the clock strikes 5 PM. Suddenly, Sofia and Anastasia who were right there go crazy and eat the both of them. To his surprise, Luka wakes up to the sight of Gob delivering a pizza again. At first, he thinks that it's a dream until Sonya asks for his help again. He decides not to help her, and instead get attacked by whoever he ends up hanging out with. As he returns to the same point once again, he understands that time is repeating itself. After looking for help, he learns from Nuruko that he's affected by this event because of someone's remorse over events during which he died in a way similar to him, while Promestein start looking deeper into how to stop this from happening. In the meantime, he finds a statue that can reverse time which is the cause of his trouble.

Luka is then sent to another world and meets the man in question as the latter is attempting to summon someone to help him, but he ends up overwhelmed by the inhabitants of the house. After properly preparing and successfully keeping the succubi busy for a short time, he manages to save both Toru and the pizza guy before the latter enters. However,Toru has become completely enthralled by the pleasure offered by the succubi and goes back in the house while Luka is brought back to his own world. Vinum reappears just afterward, disappointed to have been lured so easily.


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