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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

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Maybe humanity has outgrown the advantages of capitalism. If we are refusing to examine such a possibility we may be sealing our doom. All the hints are plain to see. I find that those who call all alternatives degenerate socialism are themselves would be predators (masters and their macoutes) who don't want the law restricting their happy hunting grounds. People forget the expedient reasoning behind the illegal (hollow treaty) seizure of aboriginal lands, the very lifeway of distinct nations. Change had to come in one form or another; too bad it was often unjust, violent and environmentally destructive. (Hindsight is clearer.) Maybe the days of global corporate capitalist business have expired, not due to mass reactive violence as Marx predicted, but because Earth is tamer and sicker today, and our lifeboat is shrinking. To me our Libertarian ideals are majestic and beautiful, but out-dated and unrealistic under present circumstances. The skunk odored bear skinners don't mix well at the museum reception; unless they are the exhibit.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Torrent Download - Rob Gamers



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