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Hopkins met Linda Cortile in 1978 after he read about the alleged abduction of Linda and her two children in a UFO magazine. He became convinced that Linda was the abductee he had been searching for. He has stated that Linda must have suffered a brain injury in a car crash, which explains the connection of her abduction to brain injury; the trauma in the car crash caused a lot of damage to her brain.

Budd Hopkins Intruders.pdf

Hopkins soon became a visiting lecturer in the philosophy department at the University of Oregon, where he began developing his ideas on alien abduction. He suggested that this phenomena may well be a product of human consciousness.

The book, Intruders, is a fictional novel by Budd Hopkins. (Visit Budd Hopkins 's blog, for updates and information on Hopkins current projects). Intruders is published by Harper Collins in April 2010. Presence is his autobiography.

Budd Hopkins! as well as the other artists that I have featured in the previous essays, are actually incredibly talented individuals that have many influences in their artistic careers. Some, like Hopkins, are avid followers of the Ufology community. Others are solely interested in UFO research.

Budd Hopkins, founder of the Hopkins Artists and a prolific painter/illustrator based in New York City, is the author of seven books, many of which center on the topic of alien abductions. His first book was Witnessed (1988). Hopkins has also written seven non-fiction books: Missing Time (1981); The Threat (1988); The Intruders (1989); Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods (1990); The Invaders (1993); Budd Hopkins: Biography, Works, Art, Interviews (2008) and Budd Hopkins: Personal Collectables (2010). One of his most influential works was Witnessed, a reference work that has been extremely popular in the fields of UFOlogy and paranormal research. Today it is the most-researched topic on his website. Hopkins has also created a documentary film, Missing Time, based on his book of the same name.


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