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Free Download Novel Rectoverso Dewi Lestari Pdf

Free Download Novel Rectoverso Dewi Lestari Pdf

If you are looking for a novel that is unique, creative, and musical, you might want to check out Rectoverso by Dewi Lestari, also known as Dee. Rectoverso is a hybrid of fiction and music, consisting of eleven short stories and eleven songs that can be enjoyed separately or together. It is the first work of its kind in Indonesia, and it showcases the talent and versatility of Dee as a writer and a singer.

Rectoverso was published in 2008 by Bentang Pustaka, and it received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. The novel explores various themes such as love, friendship, family, identity, faith, and destiny through the stories of different characters who are connected by a common thread: the word "rectoverso". Rectoverso is a term coined by Dee to describe the two sides of a coin, or the two aspects of reality: the visible and the invisible, the rational and the emotional, the factual and the fictional.

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The stories in Rectoverso are:

  • Malaikat Juga Tahu (Angels Also Know): A story about a woman who falls in love with a man who suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

  • Firasat (Premonition): A story about a woman who has a gift of seeing the future through her dreams.

  • Cicak di Dinding (Lizard on the Wall): A story about a man who is obsessed with a woman he sees on a billboard.

  • Hanya Isyarat (Just a Sign): A story about a man who tries to communicate with his comatose wife through music.

  • Tak Usah Kau Tunggu (Don't Wait for Me): A story about a woman who decides to end her relationship with her long-distance boyfriend.

  • Aku Ada (I Am Here): A story about a woman who struggles with her identity as an adopted child.

  • Curhat Buat Sahabat (Confession for a Friend): A story about a woman who confides in her best friend about her affair with a married man.

  • Ruang Rindu (Room of Longing): A story about a man who misses his ex-girlfriend who has moved on with another man.

  • Peluk (Hug): A story about a man who finds comfort in hugging strangers.

  • Saranghae (I Love You): A story about a woman who falls in love with a Korean pop star.

  • Ancur (Broken): A story about a man who loses his faith after witnessing a tragedy.

The songs in Rectoverso are composed and performed by Dee herself, and they are available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. The songs are also adapted into short films that are directed by various Indonesian filmmakers, such as Riri Riza, Marcella Zalianty, Happy Salma, Rachel Maryam, Cathy Sharon, Olga Lydia, and Dee herself. The film omnibus was released in 2013, coinciding with Valentine's Day.

If you are interested in reading Rectoverso by Dewi Lestari, you can download the novel in PDF format for free from [this link]. You can also buy the hardcover edition from [Mizanstore] or other online bookstores. Rectoverso is a novel that will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel. It is a novel that will inspire you to see the world from different perspectives. It is a novel that will touch your heart and soul.


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