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Simcity 5 Manual Pdf

I still have a physical copy of this manual. It's a good read and is extremely helpful for new players even though the in-game tutorials also cover the basics rather nicely. Somewhat funny at times too.

Simcity 5 Manual Pdf

Simplicity makes it easy to find the operator's manual & parts for your Simplicity lawn mower, lawn tractor or snow blower! Simply use the search engine below to find your Simplicity parts lists and manuals.

Manuals are part of the product. They are not optional extras. Some games even require them to be playable. Nothing on the product pages for these games indicates the manuals were removed or not included.

Just to be perfectly clear: Australian consumer laws expressly prohibit advertising a product and not providing the entire product as advertised. Even your weasly EULA, where you entitle yourself to ship buggy and broken products, doesn't include wording that would allow you to ship only part of the product. It would take a low-wage intern less than a week to scan and upload these manuals, just like GOG and abandonware sites have done. There is no excuse for this.

If the manual is not listed in the 'View game details' then they are usually included in the installation folder. If you have the games installed in the default location then here are the locations for the games you listed:

At any rate, following the advice above I found part of the Ultima VII manual "The Book of Fellowship" (which lists spells, bestiary, lore and is required to translate signs and solve some puzzles in-game). The was also an "answers.pdf" in the same directory which looks important but I'm not sure (is it a hint book or part of a removed copy protection scheme?).

Premade cities are also available, including (London and Liverpool for the UK), Berlin (with the Berlin Wall), Madison, Madrid, Moscow and Seoul. The game also includes city terrains based on the geography of real cities, including Hong Kong and Chicago. At the time of the game's release, EA launched a website for Simcity 3000 Unlimited which allowed users to exchange their creations. The site, formerly located at (for North American territories), is no longer available and can only be accessed with an archiving tool.


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