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Where Can I Buy Ghd Hair Straightener

With its mammoth 16 heat settings, ranging from 80ºC to 235ºC, this great value styling tool offers the ultimate customisable straightening experience for all hair types, including fine.

where can i buy ghd hair straightener

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Another entry from ghd, it's easy to see why it's a go-to brand for many. It lived up to its reputation in our blind tests and these lightweight straighteners were a top pick for creating poker-straight strands.

Our testers liked how easily it glided through their hair, with 92% impressed by how quickly they achieved their desired style. Many thought their hair looked healthier, shinier and smoother after use, making it perfect for anyone in need of speedy, salon-worthy results.

Our testers loved it, with nearly all saying how pleased they were with their newly silky and soft hair. It was quick to heat up and the large plates styled and gripped hair well. The indicator sound when it turns on and off gives peace of mind, too.

These high-end hair straighteners have unique flexing plates, which help gently gather the hair for styling. Our testers agreed that they gripped hair easily, straightening it quickly with a single stroke.

Infrared tech isn't the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a great pair of hair straighteners, but this titanium Nicky Clarke tool certainly makes a case for it. Infrared light is supposed to help balance moisture and seal hair cuticles, but did it work?

Nearly everyone enjoyed a shinier, frizz-free finish, but our lab test found it only moderate at retaining style in humid conditions. Overall, most testers were left with healthier-looking hair, with everybody agreeing that they'd keep this in their handbags.

Still, our testers appreciated how simple it was to use and were impressed by how lightweight it was to hold and manoeuvre. Overall, 89% agreed that it styled their hair as they wanted, with 78% left praising the mirror-shine it left on their strands.

These luxe straighteners may come with a celebrity price tag but its accompanying array of accessories, including a heat-resistant guard, makes it a strong choice for beginners with cash to splash.

Whether you're a fan of Love Island or not, there's no denying that those women know how to use hair tools. So, the GHI was intrigued to see whether former contestant, Molly-Mae Hague, had nailed it with this pair of straighteners.

Using innovative heat control and steam tech to straighten hair faster with less damage, this steampod was unique among those on test. It comes with a built-in brush and our testers found that their silky style lasted throughout the day.

The majority agreed that it straightened hair instantly and most thought their hair appeared healthier and shinier after use. Not much water is needed per use and the panel appreciated the sturdy design and innovative steam iron technology. Some even found the steam made their hair feel more hydrated.

This reasonably priced tool offers a mammoth 30 heat settings, giving those with more fragile hair the option to style gently. It heated up rapidly and our lab test found it accurate at hitting its promised temperatures.

Prior to this she was at Tropic Skincare, where she worked closely with biochemists in the lab, delving into the functions of each fresh, natural ingredient and conveying its efficacy to her audience in easy-to-digest terms.

Can you imagine a world without ghd straighteners? You could bank on a few more bad hair days at the very least. Since 2001 the cult brand has led the way in cutting-edge styling tools for every hair type and look, and we're huge fans.

We've taken every one of these considerations into account to create this guide to the best ghd straighteners so that you can make the best choice (and investment) for your hair type and styling needs.

Thanks to the smooth plates, we could straighten and wave hair in record time, which meant less time exposed to damaging heat. (Do bear in mind that less damage still means you need to take care with heat, especially if your hair is brittle or color-treated. There is no such thing as a damage-free straightener.) Another plus about Platinum+ is that, in case your model misbehaves, it comes with a three-year warranty, while all other ghd hair straighteners come with two.

This was the most simple and straightforward styler we tested, and it would be almost impossible to go wrong with this hot tool. It does take a little longer to cover the entire head when compared to the Max or Platinum+ models, but the slimmer handle allowed us to get right into the hairline when styling. The new version also features single-zone technology so that the heat is evenly distributed across both ceramic plates to help effortlessly style your hair. "ghd original is the perfect tool for those starting out on their ghd journey and wanting to create beautiful simple styles with shine and smoothness," Igor Rago, ghd Italy's art director explains.

It's typical, you wait years for a new ghd straightener and two come along at once. Well, to be completely accurate, a two-in-one has come along. And seeing as ghd is excellent at creating both hair dryers and straighteners, we had high hopes for this. Shall we start with the good? The Duet styler is clearly a very advanced piece of kit. It combines targeted airflow with four slimline plates on either side of the central air vents and does a pretty great job of drying and smoothing hair in one fell swoop.

Our thick-haired tester found it took only a few passes on each section of rough-dried hair to achieve the same result she would with a separate dryer and straightener. It also doesn't knock every inch of texture from the hair as flat irons sometimes can, rather it smoothes and styles. The main benefit here is convenience. Only using one tool is less hassle in itself, and you'll spend less time styling. It also benefits hair health, as the dryer gets up to 150ºC and the plates 120ºC (both lower than ghd's standard 185ºC temperature) Although if you do rely on high heat to get a sleek finish, you can use Shine Shot mode to do so.

And the not-so-good? It's larger than other ghd straighteners, although you have to factor in that this is a hair dryer as well, in which case you could actually say it's quite small. It's also a little noisy at first, although we found it quietened down with use. You will also need to practice a few times to get the knack, as is the case for any new technology. And that's what this is, something completely new and quite exciting that brings another option to the very well-stocked ghd stable.

The Gold is a great pick for anyone who likes to change up how they style their hair. With a curved design and rounded barrel, we found we could create curls and waves at a quicker rate than with any other pair of ghds. Top tip? Leave the ends of your hair free of the styler to create undone beach hair waves. If you'd rather go smooth and sleek, the floating mechanism on the plates helps it to move easily down the hair shaft without snags.

Our first impression on testing this miniature straightener was, how very cute! With a plate width of just half an inch, this pocket rocket of a hot tool allows for precision styling that lends itself particularly well to both bangs hairstyles and pixie haircuts. Despite its minute size, the ghd Mini still offers the same styling power as other ghd models, including the Gold and Platinum+.

Do not fret when it comes to these tools, as all ghd hair straighteners are programmed to switch themselves off automatically after 30-minutes (with the exception of the Glide which is 60 minutes). Phew!

Most ghd straighteners come with a warranty of two years, sometimes three, to give you that peace of mind when making such an investment. However, many users have claimed that their styler has lasted upwards of five years. The trick is to take good care of your tool, cleaning it between uses (once cooled down, of course) and storing them in a heat-resistant bag.

If your hair straighteners aren't maintaining an even heat, or are taking longer to style your tresses, it could be that they're past their best. Some experts recommend replacing them after four years.

The last step of your hair straightening routine should always be a smoothing serum to add gloss and shine, as well as taming pesky flyaways for a polished final effect (and particularly useful if you're hoping to disguise the appearance of split ends).

For a bouncy blow dry, a decent root lift spray can really help create texture and volume. Simply spritz at the roots evenly over the scalp to boost fine and limp hair. As an added bonus, this nifty spray also contains the ghd Heat Protection System to protect your hair while using straighteners.

Heat protection is always important - especially on the go. If you're away for the weekend or off on holiday, this handy travel size heat protector will ensure your hair doesn't succumb to damage from styling tools.

Over a decade from revolutionising hairstyling with the launch of its first styler, ghd remains true to its founding ethos: the spirit of transformation. ghd have since broadened their super range from stylers to professional quality brushes and the most impressive hairdryers available on the market today. Even after all these years, the ghd hair straightener is still very much a must-have for most women and men who want smooth, sleek luscious hair - especially with us girls from Millies.

ghd has been at the cutting-edge of style technology for over 90 years and is proud to be trusted by top hair professionals and distributed in over 50,000 salons worldwide. Stylists to the stars use ghd products on all hair types to achieve flawless finishes for photoshoots, catwalks, and the red carpet. 041b061a72


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