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Hamlet Sharapov
Hamlet Sharapov

Northwestern State University - Registrars Office

The Registry Office, located on the first floor of Herod Hall, provides a variety of services: enrollment of classes, degree audits, official transcripts, etc. This office is the custodian of all student academic records for all three campuses including all applications for admission to the university.

northwestern state university - registrars office


Other university entities, such as the University Registrar's Office or your program office, may place a hold on your account for different reasons. Please contact the office that initiated the hold (as displayed on your account in SharkLink) to discuss what requirements must be met to have the hold removed.

I am a native south Louisianian with 21 years of experience in higher education as a professor, scholar, and college athletics and advancement executive. Education is my family business, as my parents, brother, sister, and I have worked in public education a combined 110 years. In my career, I am most proud of the role I have played in teaching and mentoring students and attaining over $22.5 million in private donations, grants, and contracts to advance university missions and help students earn degrees at eight institutions in four states. I am also a practicing professional writer, with over 120 published essays, articles, editorials, and book chapters.


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