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[S1E2] Birth Day

The Handmaids are all packed in the back of the van; some are excited about Ofwarren / Janine (Madeline Brewer) and her baby but the odds are still stacked against them. Only one in five babies makes it. Offred flashes back to when she was June and giving birth to Hannah, supported by Luke (O-T Fagbenle), the hospital ringed with hordes of praying people.

[S1E2] Birth Day

Offred and other Handmaids go to the Putnams to witness the birth of Janine's child. In flashbacks, Offred remembers her own daughter's birth. During this time, healthy births were rare and in the flashback, we see a woman try to steal Offred's daughter shortly after she was born.

Then Ted has Sam go meet with Higgins so he can get the team to chip in some money to yet another suggestion box, courtesy of Nate, to get something nice for his birthday. Several teammates do put money in the box but Jamie, ever the charmer, sticks his nasty gum in it instead. 041b061a72


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