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Carter King
Carter King

Webcopier Portable

* SOUNDS LIKE AN OXYMORON. You know, like boneless ribs, big sip, or freezer burn. What use would anyone have for an unplugged Web? Well, for one thing, it would make websites more accessible--even when the user doesn't have a connection available; more portable--to computers both on and offline; and maybe even more secure--as when the boss wants all the desktops in the building to have a copy of the company's online catalog without the risks that go along with outside network connections.

Webcopier Portable


Les entreprises peuvent utiliser WebCopier pour transférer le contenu de leur intranet sur les ordinateurs de bureau et les ordinateurs portables de leur personnel, créer une copie des catalogues et des brochures en ligne des entreprises pour le personnel de vente, sauvegarder les sites web des entreprises, imprimer des fichiers téléchargés.


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