(NGA == Norwegian Game Awards)

What is NGA?

Norwegian Game Awards is the largest student game development competition in Norway and is hosted by the non-profit student organization Start NTNU.

If you have worked on a game project in 2015 and your team consisted of 50% students or more you can enter the competition and compete for amazing prizes in categories like Game of the Year, Best Concept, Gamers Choice and others.

The competition officially starts with a Kick-Off in the autumn and finishes with an award ceremony in February, however we encourage planning and developing your game as soon as possible. During and between the competitions we host workshops where you learn more about the art of making games and meet likeminded individuals, maybe you’ll even find a team.


The competitions goal is to contribute to an increased focus on game development, entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. It also promotes the multi-disciplinary aspects of game development.

"We are be the springboard for the game makers of tomorrow, and we will make sure make students all over Norway consider game development as a viable career path”

The competition will be a natural meeting place for the game industry and students, for through us they get access to the most talented students in game development, programming and graphics rendering.

Who are we?

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Betina is on her first year of her master in computer science.


Kristoffer is on his second year of his master in marine technology.


Markus is on his second year of his master in applied physics and mathematics.

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John is on his second year of his master in information technology.


Morten is on his second year of his master in computer science.


Remi is on his first year of his master in marine technology.